Tektronix 2230 100 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope (Two Channel)

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What's Included:
Oscilloscope, probes, manual and power cord
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  • Tektronix 2230 100 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope (Two Channel)
  • Tektronix 2230 100 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope (Two Channel)


Tektronix 2230 100 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope (Two Channel) - Used Item IN STOCK and in good condition. All items have been previously used, but have been fully tested and include a 90 day exchange warranty.

Product Details - The 100MHz bandwidth Tektronix 2230 Digital Oscilloscope is a robust yet lightweight dual channel unit. It has a maximum digital sampling rate of 20 mega samples per second, which can provide speedy results. A precision capability to capture glitch pulse widths of as little as 100 nanoseconds can add utility. This instrument can provide effective measuring tools and ease of use for the professional. It can blend familiar controls with modern functions to offer a wide range of applications. Taking measurements with this device csan be simple and straightforward across the board thanks to user friendly design.

The 2230 Oscilloscope comes standard with two P6121 10X passive probes designed specifically for use with this tool. It also includes instruction manuals, an operator’s manual, a reference guide, and an introduction to digital storage.

Setting up your scope for the first time and quickly using it is facilitated by the accompanying accessories. The reference guide can be useful when taking measurements against the backdrop of a reference waveform. Search the operator’s manual for detailed information about special settings. It also explains how to use the memory function and how to move your cursor around the screen. Tektronics includes a feature that allows you set an object on your screen as a screen saver. The options are the Tek logo or a wizard character.Tektronix built the 2230 oscilloscope to provide durable gear that offers reliable and accurate readings.

Improvements in the probes and the sampling rate can make it possible to zero in on your subject. Users can choose to compress 4K record length acquisitions to a length of 1K for storage. They can also store 4K records in their entirety, or store any 1K portions in the unit's SAVE REF memory. This memory feature can be an advantage for users in the field who need to keep readings for evaluation. Records and specifications can be accessed at a later date and time. The construction of the Tektronix 2230 can be sturdy and dependable, able to ride along for tasks in nearly any environment. An accessory pouch, power cord, and soft carrying case can lend extra portability.

The metal carrying handle is softly padded for carrying with ease. The case itself is well vented and lightweight for carrying. In addition, the front face of these electronics is clean and easy to read when tracking your waveform. Analog adjustments are clearly labeled and laid out for simple workflow to the right of the screen. This Tek scope is equipment that can be helpful for the measurement of inductance and capacitance, among other things. Tektronix built the 2230 with longevity in mind. With regular maintenance and calibration, this equipment is designed to last a long time. It can also be easily disassembled for cleaning to keep the buttons and knobs moving smoothly.These Tektronix 100-MHz oscilloscopes can have trustworthy and dependable power supplies. This can be an important part of keeping your equipment running in the field. Tektronix has made it possible for signal analyzers to go anywhere with this device. This power supply can fit well in the back of the case and can maintain constant connectivity.

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90 Day Exchange Warranty! Buy with confidence. We offer helpful customer service and support for all our products from sale to installation.
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What's Included:
Oscilloscope, probes, manual and power cord
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