Palm Tungsten E Handheld PDA

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  • Palm Tungsten E Handheld PDA
  • Palm Tungsten E Handheld PDA
  • Palm Tungsten E Handheld PDA
  • Palm Tungsten E Handheld PDA


Palm Tungsten E Handheld - Reconditioned PDA. All items include a 90 day exchange warranty. Includes Palm PDA, manual, software, battery, stylus, synch cable and ac adapter.

Technical Details
If you're still tapping away on a Palm Vx, it's time to upgrade to the 21st century with the brightly colorful, expandable, and powerful--not to mention affordable--Palm Tungsten E. Designed for the budget-conscious, yet still stylish professional, the Tungsten E offers several key advances over even the m500 handheld series, including:

  • Palm OS 5.2.1 enhances Palm applications such as Calendar and Contacts as well as Java application support.
  • Multimedia audio support and headphone jack enables you to use the Tungsten E as an MP3 player
  • The zippy 126 MHz Texas Instruments OMAP311 ARM processor induces whiplash when switching programs.
  • A 32 MB RAM memory (28.3 MB user accessible) adds more room for applications, while the expansion slot enables access to MP3and video files, e-books, games, and more.

Best of all, the Tungsten E ups the display ante with a bright, crisp, high-resolution 320 x 320 pixel color screen (the m515 only offered a 160 x 160 resolution) that puts it on par with Sony's high-quality Clie screens. Your family snapshot slideshows look sharper, as do graphically intense games such as Monopoly and downloaded video (like the most recent Hollywood movie trailer).

The Tungsten E offers a powerful array of multimedia options. With the included Kinoma Player (and desktop Kinoma Producer software), you can convert a myriad of video file formats (from QuickTime and Flash to AVI and MPEG) to be played on the Palm OS. And now you don't need to fumble between your PDA and portable MP3 player, thanks to the included RealOne Player for Palm. MP3 files are stored on optional Secure Digital or Multimedia (MMC) memory cards, and we recommend purchasing a 128 MB card if you plan to access a lot of audio. You can listen to music via headphones or relive the '70s using the tinny, AM radio-like built-in speaker.

At 4.6 ounces, the Tungsten E is lighter than its forbearers despite being about the same dimensions as the m515 (4.5 x 3.1 x 0.5 inches). The ultra-slim Tungsten E isn't as curved as its m500 or V series predecessors, but we found the gentle slope near its base to be quite comfortable in the hand. The styling' case is fully metallic and feels very durable.

The Tungsten E includes the familiar suite of Palm applications (Calendar, Contacts, Memos, and Tasks) as well as a number of third-party software title (ranging from Acrobat Reader to Documents To Go for accessing Microsoft Word and Excel files). Calendar has been given an Outlook-friendly makeover, adding a useful Agenda view that consolidates all of today's appointments, tasks, and new e-mails.

Java has also now entered the Palm OS arena, expanding the application development opportunities. The T3 comes with a few sample applets (including a periodic table that would be handy at our local pub's trivia night), but we'll have to wait for more development before Java becomes a full Palm OS tool.

In an effort to make this package as affordable as possible, Palm includes only a USB cable instead of the standard synchronization/charging cradle. The USB cable is fine (and can provide a low-wattage charge from your PC when needed), but we've become accustomed to Palm's cradles and were disappointed at its omission.

While missing a few key add-ons (the USB cable and expansion card) and not offering such bells and whistles as the Zire 71's built-in digital camera or the Tungsten T3's landscape screen, the Tungsten E sticks to what Palm does best--personal information management. And the Tungsten E packs a lot of powerful Palm tools into an affordable PDA package, one that will keep you connected to your daily calendar and important documents for years to come. --Agen G.N. Schmitz



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90 Day Exchange Warranty
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