Chinon 4100 Super 8mm projector with Sound

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What's Included:
Projector, Take-Up Reel, lens and new bulb
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  • Chinon 4100 Super 8mm projector with Sound
  • Chinon 4100 Super 8mm projector with Sound
  • Chinon - 3000 GL, Chinon 2500 GL - 8mm Movie Projector - Replacement Bulb Model- CXR/CXL


Chinon 4100 Variable Speed Super 8mm Sound Movie Film Projector - IN STOCK and ready to ship. This is a refurbished item that comes with a 90-day exchange warranty.  This has been serviced and calibrated to work as new.  Servicing can include replacement of belts, gears, capacitors, cleaning and re-lubricating all internal mechanisms.  Porter Electronics prides itself on only acquiring top quality used products that show minimal signs of use.  Buying from Porter Electronics you should expect a very nice, refurbished unit.  We do offer an extended warranty that can be purchased during checkout and will apply at the end of our already 90-day warranty 

Porter Electronics also offers free tech support for those needing extra help.  We offer a free digital download of the manual for this product below.  If you are unable to locate the link, just use our Contact Us page to request one

Product Details - Super 8mm variable speed projector with Sound. Sound on sound recording feature for dubbing or adding music. 


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Warranty Information

90 Day Exchange Warranty! Buy with confidence. We offer helpful customer service and support for all our products from sale to installation.
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What's Included:
Projector, Take-Up Reel, lens and new bulb
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2 Reviews

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    Finicky but good sound and picture quality overall

    Posted by Hollee on 4th Jul 2021

    This projector works very well once the film is properly threaded. Like the other review said this projector is an auto load and is very finicky sometimes. I haven’t tried their tip of holding down the red button it I have had success with keeping the side cover removed whilst threading just so I can make sure the leader is going in properly and if i can see that it’s not then I stop and rewind immediately to salvage as much of the leader as possible. Mine didn’t come with a film clipper so I just used a new fingernail clipper to trim the edge so it’s slightly curved. Once threaded through ok I put the cover back on and start the projection. I think the picture and sound quality is pretty good though I don’t have too much experience with other projectors so not much to compare it to. Just make sure you always have a nice size leader on all your films before trying to auto thread them into the machine and you should be good to go!

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    Good projector, but it can be temperamental.

    Posted by Blake on 30th May 2019

    This projector is an autoload projector, which means great care must be taken when loading it and films must have plenty of leader. Sometimes, the projector will decide not to play the film and fold it up like an accordion just inside the loading gate. Pushing the red trigger on the top down as far as it will go appears to help avoid this, even though it already depresses when the projector is in "thread" mode. The sound is decent, and it has a 3.5mm out, which will make recording audio out extremely easy. The speed control is great, since it not only allows for 18 or 24 fps, but it is infinitely variable within that. Finally, the brightness of the projector is a little underwhelming, presumably due to the bulb being 8v instead of 24v and the inclusion of a 4 blade shutter.

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