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Apollo Presentation Products - Eclipse AI-2000, A-1-2000, A-1-2001, A-1-2004, AI-2004, A-1-2014, A-1-2034, A-1-2040, A-1-2204 220V, A-1-2240, A-2000, A-2001, A-2004, A-2014, A-2034, A-2040, A-2204 220V, A-2240, A1-2000, A1-2001, A1-2004, A1-2014, A1-2034, A1-2040, A1-2204 220V, A1-2240, A2000, A2001, A2004, A2014, A2034, A2040, A2204 220V, A2240, Concept Series 2203 2204 2234 - 2250 2282 10700 COMPANION, ECLIPSE-WITH-LCD-PANEL, ODYSSEY - Opaque Overhead Projector - Replacement Bulb Model- FXL - These bulbs are Brand New and Include a 90 day warranty

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90 Day Exchange Warranty! Buy with confidence. We offer helpful customer service and support for all our products from sale to installation.
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